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Bernthal’s BBQ

Bernthal's BBQ Southern Pride CookerFull Pan of Pulled Pork: $125.00 (serves 50-60)

Small Pan of Pulled Pork: $40.00 (serves 10-15)

Full Pan of Pulled Chicken: $125.00

Small Pan of Pulled Chicken: $40.00

Full Pan of BBQ Beef: $165.00

Small Pan of BBQ Beef: $45.00

Chicken: $1.00 a piece; 100 piece minimum.

Notes: All Beef and Pork is picked up cold (we have ready-to-reheat pans available). Chicken pieces are picked up hot.


Please provide one week’s notice on all orders.


*Please note these are prices as of April 2014 and prices are subject to change*