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About Us

Bernthal Packing Inc. is a meat processing operation that includes slaughter of beef, pork, veal and lamb. The meat is properly aged, then cut into ready to use cuts and frozen for our customers. The business also includes a retail meat market, a sausage manufacturing operation and curing and smoking of some products. Each year during the fall hunting season we skin, cut, wrap and freeze wild life including elk, moose, caribou, bear, wild hogs, mule deer and white tail deer.

The first slaughter operation on this property was conducted by Erwin Bickel who lived at 9380 Junction Road in Frankenmuth. Herbert Bernthal was an employee of Mr. Bickel. Mr. Bickel died suddenly of a heart attack in 1964. Herbert Bernthal decided to continue the operation and expand it to include meat sales and meat processing including cutting, wrapping and freezing. This required a chill cooler, a holding cooler, a meat processing room and a freezer. The business name of Bernthal Packing was chosen. The operation showed continued growth year after year without any media advertising taking place. Word of mouth was our advertising. In 1974 the operation was incorporated.

In 1977, a major expansion included the addition of a retail meat market, a sausage manufacturing department, a retail meat cooler and freezer, a large smoke house, and an enlarged processing freezer. This served us until another expansion was needed in 1996, which included another smoke house, a smoked meats retail cooler, and an enlarged retail meat market with additional showcases. An office and a new employee lounge was also added. At this time we had a total of 22 employees.

Bernthal Packing Inc. operates under USDA inspection. No wholesale operation is included or intended in the near future. At the present time, Philip Bernthal is chief operating officer and serves as president of the corporation. Herbert Bernthal is currently serving as chairman of the board.